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In Christmas Magic by Emma Lange, Lady Rebecca Trevor, a young widow, spends Christmas with friends and comes face to face with an old flame. This is a nice, heartwarming story set at Christmas. The only real problem I had with the story is that all the information about Rebeccas backstory is dumped right in the middle of the story. The only other complaint I had was one little make-out scene with a bared breast. Theres also a bared breast in the context of breast feeding which didnt bother me at all. Dinner at Grillons features a heartbroken Guy Fitzallen, Lord Lanham who is seeking a divorce from his runaway wife so he can marry his aunts companion, Imogen. Lady Lanham, the former Fleur Barrymore, fled to her native Philadelphia after learning something shocking about her husband. She misses him terribly and harbors a secret that could change his plans if he ever bothered to write to her. This story is completely ridiculous. I hate miscommunication in relationships. If the characters bothered to talk to each other instead of having sex all the time, they wouldnt have broken up in the first place. The villain is not meant to be sympathetic, but I did feel some empathy for them. Their motivation was worthy but their methods all wrong. This is the worst story of them all.Warning: semi-graphic love scenesThe Best Gift by Mary Balough is about the magic of Christmas, family and the joys of a childlike heart. Miss Jane Craggs, of Miss Philpotts school for young ladies has nowhere to go for Christmas. She has no family, no friends - her whole life has been spent either at an orphanage or the school. No one remembers or cares to call her by name and not quite a servant but not a teacher, she doesnt fit in. Shes never been farther away from the school than she can travel by foot and shes never celebrated Christmas before. That doesnt stop her from dreaming though. When shes asked to accompany one of the students, Deborah Latimer, to her uncles home for Christmas, Jane is delighted. Deborah and her uncle Warren, Viscount Buckley, are not so excited. He hates Christmas and never celebrates. He doesnt know what to do with his teenage niece and plans to leave her to the care of Miss Craggs. Deborah is mad because her parents went away without her because shes not old enough to be considered an adult. Neither is she a child, grateful to spend Christmas in the nursery. When an unexpected surprise shows up at Warrens home, he is at loose ends again. Jane understands perfectly and knows just what to do to make Christmas merry for the lost souls.This is a really nice, sweet story. It even made me tear up in parts. I felt really bad for Jane. Like Harriet Smith (Emma), shes likely the natural daughter of somebody wealthy who cared enough only to pay for her keep until she reached adulthood. I can relate to her secret dream world where everything is perfect and light. I also felt bad for Deborah because the teen years are tough. Teens long to be thought of as grown up but secretly dread giving up the simple joys of childhood. This story brings out the child in all the characters as they discover the magic of Christmas. The Christmas season in Regency England is so magical and charming, its hard not to get caught up in the characters excitement. The one thing really lacking in this story is the romance. I get Warrens attraction to Jane and her growing feelings for him, but the way its played out doesnt work. Theres not much wooing or courtship here. The romance comes fast and concludes quickly. Theres one minor make-out scene that doesnt feel believable given Janes lack of experience with men. I should have liked an epilogue to share what happens to the characters the following Christmas. In Christmas Knight Alisandra Perry dreams of a knight in shining armor to come and sweep her off her feet and take her away- but only if he will include her sister Joan and take them to a warmer climate. Baron Perry prefers to live life according to ancient traditions and customs, including insisting his daughters wear old-fashioned clothing and refusing them a season in London. When their brother Thomas returns home from Oxford with his old pal Max and a new friend, Sir William, the girls are thrilled. Finally, a gentleman who can marry Alisandra and take them away. The girls want to ensure Sir William proposes so they plan a special Christmas surprise for him. The plan backfires and its old pal Max who courts Alisandra! Shes worried his courtship is not sincere and he is not her knight of old-or is he?This is such a sweet, charming story. Its light, without any real substance but a nice holiday tale. The Christmas customs are described in great detail and I got caught up in the fun and excitement of it, as well as in the romance. I think its ironic the Baron romanticizes the past and his daughters are wearing styles of two centuries earlier! Im sure the author was deliberately making a statement. The Perry family seem like a loving, close-knit group, despite missing Mama who went aloft a few years earlier. The sisters are very close and I liked that relationship. Alisandra wants to help her sister and only when her suitor agrees to her demands, will she give up her independence and marry. Like any teenage girl, she dreams of romance though and she gets more than she bargained for when she tries to force nature. I liked her a lot and wanted her to be happy. Joan seems a happy, cheerful young lady, along the lines of Jane Bennet, but with a bit more intelligence and awareness. The young men seem very kind and fun as well. Sir William doesnt have much of a personality. Max is a rouge and romantic at heart. He knows Alisandra and Joan from childhood so they are comfortable with each other. Thomas is a bit of an idiot to fall for cousin Charlottes pretty face and affected manners but if hes at Oxford still, hes quite young and he cant be more than a year or two older than Alisandra. The age difference seemed greater when Alisandra reflected on her childhood but it cant be that great unless Max is a lot older than Thomas. That was unclear in the story. The only character I didnt like was Charlotte because she was the stereotypical mean girl character who thinks every man should naturally be in love with her. I actually liked Aunt Phoebes spaniels. I felt bad for them that no one liked them because they werent trained well. Its not their faults. Aunt Phoebe is not such a bad person, shes just blind to the faults of her children (Charlotte and the dogs). It Came Upon a Midnight Clear has nothing to do with the Christmas carol of the same name. This story pays homage to Georgette Heyers Fridays Child in using the name of her hero for the villain and referencing Nemesis. The cynical Mr. Tremaine is commandeered by his friend, Sir Timothy, to visit Timothys sister for the holidays. Sir Timothy has a plan to rescue Mercedes, the lovely young daughter of the weaselly Viscomte de la Roche, from marriage to the much older, dastardly Lord Sheringham. When Vyvian Tremain sees Mercedes, he is quite taken with the girls unaffected nature and fragile countenance. Hes determined to help her no matter what. Mercedes feels compelled to help the mysterious woman by the side of the road... a woman no one else can see.My heart stopped a minute when I thought Sherry was the much older man engaged to a teenage girl following the death of his wife. How tragic that would be! However, this Lord Sheringham is quite a nasty villain. He is not at all like Heyers Sherry and would never treat a girl the way this Lord Sheringham did. Theres a gothic/paranormal mystery element to the plot that kept me reading long past when I should have been asleep on a work night. The conclusion wasnt a total surprise yet how it happened was a bit of a surprise and quite shocking. Vyvian is an enigmatic hero. He doesnt have a backstory, he doesnt have much personality. All we really know is that chivalry isnt his line, until he meets Mercedes. Hes one of those bored, cynical types. Mercedes is a good foil for him because she is so innocent and youthful. She does have a spark of mischief inside her though which saved her from being a total stereotype. Her father also defies the stereotype. He has a brief backstory. He is a weak man. I feel sorry for Mercedes that her father isnt stronger and I even feel a bit bad for the Viscomte that hess easy to take advantage of.This is an average collection of stories set around Christmas in the fantasy Regency world perpetuated by Georgette Heyer wannabes.

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